The Conformetal 2 offer to its customers a Design and Product Development department to help you solve all the problems and find the most viable solution to your works.

Equipped with highly specialized people, from the conceptual stage to prototyping, Conformetal 2 deliver to the customer a product proposal that will solve the problem on the local.

To this, the department is based on a process of developing new products based on the following phases:

  1. Identification of constraints to the project and resulting needs and requirements imposed by the client
  2. Conceptual development, elaboration of various proposals
  3. Selecting the most appropriate proposal
  4. Preparation of three-dimensional models, maquettes and / or prototypes
  5. Conducting usability testing and subsequent validation (in and out of doors)
  6. Budgeting and definition of delivery
  7. Project approval by the client
  8. Production

This whole process always presupposes a strong interaction with the customer, in other words, the customer will always be informed and monitor all phases both through reports and through meetings.

The collaboration between both parties is essential because only then can we get the best solution that satisfies all requirements imposed.

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